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xneveroverx's Journal

x Never Over x
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about me
Hey ! My name's Candice, I'm 18 and I'm French. If you think we have the same interests, feel free to friend me :)
favorites shows
Buffy the vampire slayer. Angel. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Supernatural. Tru calling. Bones. Heroes. Ugly Betty. One Tree Hill.
ELIZA DUSHKU. KATE WALSH. Jensen Ackles. Patrick Dempsey. Kelly Clarkson. Eric Dane. Justin Chambers. Jared Padalecki. Katie Cassidy.
Wrong turn. Cruel intentions. Raise your voice. Bring it on. A walk to remember. Beaches. The Bodyguard. Hairspray. Sleepless in Seattle. Comme t'y es belle. Lost in Translation.
Derek/Addison. Alex/Addison. Mark/Addison. Pete/Addison. Mark/Callie. Cooper/Violet. Sam/Ruby.

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